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Sister and brother comics team! We've been making books since 2011! Sydney writes, Travis Draws.


Fictional middle schoolers, Rosemary and Joseph, host the demo episode of 3 Story Home!

The real show starts in 4 weeks! Let us know what you think, what you like, and what you want to see on this show! 

This is a show for middle and high school students and by middle and high school students! So we want to hear from you!

See Travis’ cool new project! Also this episode features art by Speech Bubble artist and co-creator, Sydney!


We are proud to present “Coffee Ghost #1” an illustration booklet of some tasty brewed spooks!

We will have these in hand at Locust Moon Comics Fest this Saturday at the Rotunda in Philadelphia! Come out and see us and a great show!

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New Book Idea!

We’re going to make an instructional comic about How to Be a Terrible Customer!

If you have terrible customer stories, please share them and if we use it, we’ll put your name on a Contributors Page!

What’s terrible things have you seen customers say or do?

Hey everyone! A friendly reminder to all that we have a store!

Go check out our comics, buttons, and keychains! But especially our comics!


Check out these stylish new business cards we got!

We got them printed with a great local printshop called Fireball!

We’re like a real business now!

Everyone go buy comics and buttons at our store!

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Part 2 of The Instrumentalist!


Part 1 of the Instrumentalist!!